Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 5!

I can not believe I have made it!!

  This is really hard, for me I feel like this is getting harder and harder, not easier and easier... Last night was i think the worse night for me, I wanted to eat so badly and I just felt SOOOOOOOOOO sick, my stomach was upset, my head hurt and I just could not get comfortable in bed. I really do not feel a change like everyone else say they do. I can tell i have a little more energy but that is about it. So last night that played a big part of me wanting to eat because I really do not feel a difference. Just feeling sick!

I am bruising all over the place. ((Reason why is that I have played soccer 2 times this week)) BUT I NEVER BRUISE, NEVER.. I have played all my life and now I feel like you touch me and I will have a bruise. Also I worked out my legs on Tuesday and I am still sore from it. It was not even a hard work out.

Therefore, I made the decision to start eating nuts tomorrow. I hope this helps a little and will help me not go crazy since I want to eat so badly.

Let me know how you are doing??? I really would like to know.. Keep up the GREAT work!!!


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  1. keep it up. I am 44 and have 3 kids.....its HARD but worth it.